This is the link for the recorded videos of Small Parts webinar by KREST Kochi.

You have to register. The registered delegate will get access within 24 hours to login and watch the videos. This videos will be available to watch ONCE till 30th Jun 5 pm.

Greetings of the day !
This is to inform you that the session room will open 15 mins prior to each session. The registration link
that is :
is itself the joining link for the session. 15 mins prior to the session there will be an “Already registered, Click here” blue button, by clicking the same you will be redirected to the Clirnet platform. The session would be shown live. You can raise questions in the chat box, which will be answered by the speakers.

The instruction to watch the recorded videos will be sent to you on 31st of the May. Recorded videos will be available tp watch for 15 days or 30 hours, which ever is earlier.



Terms & conditions for the webinar to be held 0n May 14, 21 & 28th 2023 from 1 pm to 6 pm

The program will be live on the above days for approximately 5 hours

As this meeting is on a virtual platform the success of transmission is totally dependent on the internet service of both the Organisers and the participants. While every attempt will be made to ensure a stable internet connection throughout the meeting, the conference organizers will not be held responsible for any interruption or termination of transmission due to internet connection issues. In this sense, there is also no guarantee that the results of using these services will meet the participant’s expectations. The organizers (KREST Kochi) or service providers (Clirnet) or the faculty are not responsible for the problems beyond their control.

In addition to the live program, the recording of each talk can be viewed by the same delegate & validity is for 2 weeks as mentioned below. Recorded videos (archives) will be available from Jun 1st onwards with a validity of 30 hours. Delegates can watch the recorded videos through the same link as the live link. They can watch the recorded videos in a single sitting or multiple sittings. The duration of the recorded video availability cannot be extended for whatever reason

Registrations will be closed 1 day prior to the event. No partial registration is possible. No cancellation is allowed.

The program will start on time as far as possible. In case of any dispute, jurisdiction is limited to Kochi only.

Regn fee is
April 1 to 5 – Rs. 3000 + Rs. 540 (GST)
April 6 to 30 – Rs. 3500 + Rs. 630 (GST)
May 1 to 13 – Rs. 4500 + Rs. 810 (GST)

Transaction fee and other bank fees as applicable will be added to the regn fee & vary from bank to bank

Participation certificate will be issued in eFormat & sent by email after 2 week of last session/removal of the last session recorded video (Tentative date is 15th June 2023) If you do not receive the ecertificate please contact our IT Team before 3oth June 2023.


Though the tentative program is for as mentioned above, it may be adjusted / postponed / changed to another day in case of any inconvenience to the faculty or any technical issues. The recording of that day too will be adjusted in the same manner but will be available to the same delegate to watch once within 1 week.

The Organisers will have the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, these Terms and Conditions

Please enter your FULL NAME (as you wish to appear in the eCertificate), MOBILE NUMBER & EMAIL ID in the regn form. If you don’t get a confirmation of payment by email (Clirnet), please check your spam folder. No separate confirmation email will be sent from organizers or the IT team.

Transaction fee and other bank fees as applicable will be added to the regn fee & vary from bank to bank

Click here to register for the Series (Read terms & conditions before registering)

1. How to register?

Click the Register tab.

2. Fee paid is for 1 day or the whole course?

The fee paid is for the whole Live course as well as for the Recorded course

3. How long can I watch the recorded video?

You can watch it once for the number of days mentioned in the Terms & Conditions (T&C) of each course. It varies from course to course.

4. How to get confirmation of my registration?

An intimation will be received from the Qfix/Edufix/HDFC on making payment.

5. How will I get the link to join the live session?

You will get the link by email or SMS or both a day prior to the 1st day of the event

6. What about the link for other sessions & recorded videos?

Live sessions & recorded videos will be through CLIRnet –

7. Should I watch the whole video in one sitting?
No, you can watch any number of sittings, but the total duration will be as mentioned in the T&C in terms of hours & days. Eg. 30 hours or 7 days, whichever is earlier.
8. Can I watch only Live sessions or Recorded sessions or both?
You can watch ONLY Live or ONLY Recorded OR Both.
9. Can I extend the duration of the recorded video?
No. You cannot extend the duration of recorded videos
10. If I do not watch live or recorded videos, will I get the refund?
No. Once you register, there is no refund.
11. Can I register only for Live sessions or Recorded sessions?
No. The registration fee is for both Live & Recorded sessions.
12. When will I get the Recorded videos to watch?
The dates of availability of Recorded sessions are mentioned in the T&C. It varies from course to course.

To get all information, joining telegram group is compulsory

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1. Salivary Glands – Dr. Easha Rajput
2. Lung – Dr Amel Antony
3. ACR TIRADS scoring for thyroid nodules – Dr. Gurdarshdeep Singh Madan
4. Prostate – Dr. Brijesh Kumar Soni
5. Paediatric Hip – Dr. Khushboo Pilani
6. B scan – Dr. Bhanupriya Singh
7. Lower limb venous & Varicose veins Doppler – Dr. Shruti Chandak
8. Renal Doppler in Transplanted Kidney – Dr. Alka Singhal
9. Neck nodes – Dr. Alka Singhal
10. Doppler in vascular malformations – Dr. Nikhil Gupta
11. Undescended testis – Dr. Rajul Rastogi
12. Arterial Doppler & Arterial stenosis assessment by Doppler – Dr. Vikas Chauhan.
13. Varicocele Doppler- Dr. Shubhi Agarwal
14. Scrotum and Doppler – Dr. Bhanupriya Singh
15. Penile Doppler – Dr. Zubair Kazi
16. Abdominal wall hernia – Role of USG in pre & postop assessment – Dr. Manish Saha
17. Role of disclaimers in obstetric Ultrasound – Dr. Srinivasa Shentar
18. PCPNDT quiz – Dr. Prashant Onkar

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