Mock exam / spotters. (MD, DMRD, DNB) (ONLINE/Zoom platform)

1. Duration for each registration will be approximately 2 hours for a session.

2. Scheduled as per the convenience of the faculty.

3. Long, short cases & spotters as per the wish of the faculty, but usually after 5 pm (ISD).

4. Only the candidate, faculty & organizing team member will be online.

5. No other audience/delegates to watch the session.

6. If the faculty & candidate agree, it will be added to the general library of the KREST Kochi.

7. The fee for a session of 2 hours will be Rs 4720/- (GST included) & bank charges if applicable. (USD 66.5 for International residents)

8. The fee for a session of 1 hour will be Rs 2360/- (GST included) & bank charges if applicable. (USD 33.25 for International residents)

9. The recorded video will be added to the general library of KREST Kochi if faculty & candidate permit.

For any queries, email to (reply only to queries not mentioned in FAQ)

On registration, you will receive an email from the Qfix or Yepdesk or Easebuzz Payment gateway. No email from KREST Kochi will be sent on registration.

You will be contacted by WhatsApp ONLY on fixing the date & time from the Faculty (while registering, provide the number with Whatsapp)
Click here to register for 1 or 2 hours
International Registrations 1 or 2 hours

1. When is the next exam/when are these Exams starting?

Exam will be held only when a Resident registers

2. Till when are these mock exams held?

There is no time limit for the Mock Exam held. Will continue as long as there are registrations from Residents and the availability of faculties.

3. Who can attend the exam?

Any Radiology resident or those consultants who are appearing for DNB exams can register

4. Who else will be online other than the Resident on Hot Seat & faculty.

None. Only 1 resident & 1 faculty will be online. Of course, a representative from KREST too will be attending. No attendees or delegates are allowed to attend.

5. Will the recorded videos of mock exams be available at a later date?

Yes. Provided the Faculty AND the Resident on Hot Seat agrees to add the video to the library.

6. Can I watch the recorded video free if the Faculty & myself agree to add to KREST library?

Yes, you can watch it free only once within 2 weeks of adding to general library of KREST portal.

7. Who will be the faculty if I register for the exam?

We have several faculty members. The faculty for you depends upon the availability on the days following your registrations.

8. If I register today for the Mock Exam, when will be my turn to be on Hot Seat?

It will be any day within a week usually but depends on when the faculty is available.

9. Is there any time slot for the Mock exam?

Usually its after 5 pm. But depends on availability of faculty & platform.

10. Can my friend attend the Mock exam along with me?


11. Can I register more than one time for the Mock exam?

Yes, you can register as many times as you wish.

12. Is there any participation certificate or ranking certificate to the registered Resident after the exam?

Yes. We will provide a participation certificate to all. Ranking or grading certificate is left to the Faculty’s discretion

13. Is it possible to know who will be the Faculty for me before the exam?


14. What is Group Mock exam?

One Radiology Resident can register for a group mock exam. When our admin contacts him, he can opt for a group mock exam & provide the admin with the details of other Radiology Residents joining the exam.

15. How many Residents can join a mock exam?

Maximum number of Residents allowed is 10

16. Will all the Residents participating in the group mock exam get the certificate?

There is NO certificate for the group mock exam.

17. What is the duration of group mock examination?

It will also be about 2 hours for 1 registration.

18. Can a Radiology Resident register for more than once?

Yes. Any number of registration is allowed.

19. When is group mock exam scheduled?

Scheduled as per the convenience of the faculty, usually after 5 pm.

20. Will the recorded video added to the general library?

Yes, it will be added if the faculty permits for the same

21. Will we get to watch the recorded video added to the general library for free?

No. For group mock exams, it will not be available to free to watch