Doppler Recorded Videos

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Dr. (Surg. Cdr.) Eesha Rajput

Dr. (Col.) Debraj Sen

Dr. (Lt. Col.) Ganesh Sarvangi

Dr. Poonam Sherwani

Dr. (Lt. Col.) Satyendra Raghuvanshi

Dr. (Surg. Lt. Cdr.) Vivek Khandelwal

Dr. Rijo Mathew

Dr. (Col.) Ravindran Nair

Dr. Verghese Wilson

Dr. Sandhya Dhankar

Dr. Shilpa Satarkar

Dr. Chander Lulla

Dr. Mansi Jain

Dr. (Col) Maneesh Uniyal

Dr. Rajesh Kamble

Dr. Shweta Nagar

Doppler basics – Dr. (Surg. Cdr.) Eesha Rajput

Doppler artefacts -Dr. (Surg. Cdr.) Eesha Rajput

Liver doppler & portal hypertension – Dr. (Col.) Debraj Sen

Renal doppler, renal transplantation – Dr. (Lt. Col.) Ganesh Sarvangi

Upper limb arterial and venous doppler (including hemodialysis access) -Dr Poonam Sherwani

Lower limb doppler – stenosis and the likes – Dr. (Lt. Col.) Satyendra Raghuvanshi

Neck vessels – evaluation of carotids & vertebral arteries – Dr. (Surg. Lt. Cdr.) Vivek Khandelwal

Erectile dysfunction – Dr. Rijo Mathew

Scrotal doppler – Dr. (Col.) Ravindran Nair, Dr. Verghese Wilson

Color Doppler in Obstetrics – what each vessel tells us? – Dr. Sandhya Dhankar

Screening for pre-eclampsia in Ist trimester? How to do it? -Dr. Shilpa Satarkar

Transcranial Doppler – Dr. Chander Lulla

Gynecological application of Doppler – Dr. Mansi Jain

Doppler in prostate gland – Dr. (Col) Maneesh Uniyal

Doppler in thyroid – Dr. Rajesh Kamble

Doppler in breast – Dr. Shweta Nagar


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