Doppler Course

Course Co-ordinators:

Dr. Rijo Mathew
Dr. Ramesh S. Shenoy
Dr. (Surg. Cdr.) Eesha Rajput
READ TERMS & CONDITIONS BEFORE REGISTERING to get details of login, recorded video & regular updates.


Terms & Condition for the webinar to be held from 2nd Oct 2021

  1. The program will be live on 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23th October 2021 for 4 hours from 5 pm to 8 pm (Saturdays).
  2. As this meeting is on a virtual platform the success of transmission is totally dependent on the internet service of both the Organisers and the participants. While every attempt will be made to ensure a stable internet connection throughout the meeting, the conference organizers will not be held responsible for any interruption or termination of transmission due to internet connection issues. In this sense, there is also no guarantee that the results of using these services will meet the participant’s expectations. The organizers (KREST Kochi) or service providers ( or the faculty are not responsible for the problems beyond their control.
  3. In addition to the live program, the recording of each talk can be viewed only ONCE by the same delegate & validity is for 1 week. Recorded videos (archives) will be available as soon as live is over. And ends as soon as next archive os added. That is from Saturday night till next Saturday night. Delegates can watch the recorded videos through the same link. They can watch the whole weekend’s videos in a single sitting or multiple sittings, but for a total of 4 hours. Duration of the recorded video availability cannot be extended for whatever reason
  4. Registrations will be closed 3 days prior to the event.
  5. No partial registration is possible.
  6. No cancellation is allowed.
  7. The program will start on time as far as possible.
  8. In case of any dispute, jurisdiction is limited to Kochi only.
  1. Registration fee is
  1. Early bird regn: Aug 09 to Aug 25 – Rs. Rs. 1547 (including GST).
  2. Reguler regn: Aug 26 to Sept 10 – Rs. 1785 (including GST).
  3. Late bird regn: Sept 11 to Sept 25th – Rs. 2023 (including GST).
  4. Spot regn: Sept 26 to Sept 30th – Rs. 2280 (including GST).
  1. Participation certificate will be issued in eFormat & sent by email after 1 week of last session/removal of the last session recorded video.
  2. Login link will be emailed 1 day prior to the Webinar & has also added to LINKs on this page. For Platform features / Access (Vidocto): or Whatsapp 9789067955 (No calls)
  3. Though the tentative program is for 4 Saturdays starting from 2nd Oct 2021, it may be adjusted / postponed / changed to another day in case of any inconvenience to the faculty or any technical issues. The recording of that day too will be adjusted in the same manner but will be available to the same delegate to watch once within 1 week.
  4. The Organisers will have the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, these Terms and Conditions

Please enter your FULL NAME (as you wish to appear in the eCertificate), MOBILE NUMBER & EMAIL ID in the regn form. If you don’t get a confirmation of payment by email (from Easebuzz or Eduqfix/HDFC Bank), please check your spam folder. No separate confirmation email will be sent from organisers or IT team.

Please enter your FULL NAME (as you wish to appear in the eCertificate), MOBILE NUMBER & EMAIL ID in the regn form. If you dont get a confirmation of payment by email (FROM Eduqfix), please check your spam folder. No separate confirmation email will be sent from organisors or IT team.


To get all information, joining telegram group is compulsory


Dr. (Surg. Cdr.) Eesha Rajput

Dr. (Col.) Debraj Sen

Dr. (Lt. Col.) Ganesh Sarvangi

Dr. Poonam Sherwani

Dr. (Lt. Col.) Satyendra Raghuvanshi

Dr. (Surg. Lt. Cdr.) Vivek Khandelwal

Dr. Rijo Mathew

Dr. (Col.) Ravindran Nair

Dr. Verghese Wilson

Dr. Sandhya Dhankar

Dr. Shilpa Satarkar

Dr. Chander Lulla

Dr. Mansi Jain

Dr. (Col) Maneesh Uniyal

Dr. Rajesh Kamble

Dr. Shweta Nagar

Doppler basics – Dr. (Surg. Cdr.) Eesha Rajput

Doppler artefacts -Dr. (Surg. Cdr.) Eesha Rajput

Liver doppler & portal hypertension – Dr. (Col.) Debraj Sen

Renal doppler, renal transplantation – Dr. (Lt. Col.) Ganesh Sarvangi

Upper limb arterial and venous doppler (including hemodialysis access) -Dr Poonam Sherwani

Lower limb doppler – stenosis and the likes – Dr. (Lt. Col.) Satyendra Raghuvanshi

Neck vessels – evaluation of carotids & vertebral arteries – Dr. (Surg. Lt. Cdr.) Vivek Khandelwal

Erectile dysfunction – Dr. Rijo Mathew

Scrotal doppler – Dr. (Col.) Ravindran Nair, Dr. Verghese Wilson

Color Doppler in Obstetrics – what each vessel tells us? – Dr. Sandhya Dhankar

Screening for pre-eclampsia in Ist trimester? How to do it? -Dr. Shilpa Satarkar

Transcranial Doppler – Dr. Chander Lulla

Gynecological application of Doppler – Dr. Mansi Jain

Doppler in prostate gland – Dr. (Col) Maneesh Uniyal

Doppler in thyroid – Dr. Rajesh Kamble

Doppler in breast – Dr. Shweta Nagar


On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our pleasure to welcome you as our esteemed Faculty/Delegate and participate in the ONLINE KREST KOCHI PG TRAINING PROGRAM to be held on Aug 1, 8, 15, 22, 2021 with 3 hours from 5 pm to 8 pm.
Essential Instructions to Delegates to join KREST KOCHI PG TRAINING PROGRAM Virtual Platform:
Please have Google Chrome Browser ready for use, in the Device you plan to use for joining the sessions of the Online Conference. Other Browsers may or may not work smoothly with the online event platform.
Laptop/Desktop is Recommended for making full use of various Features of the Virtual Platform, few features may not be appreciated well through a mobile device Browser.
A fixed internet service (ex: Broadband/cablenet) connected to your device through LAN or WiFi. is recommended, rather than Internet through Mobile Device/Hotspot.
Essential Instructions to Delegates to LOGIN and watch recordings of KREST KOCHI PG TRAINING PROGRAM
Complete your LOGIN using the KREST Webinar URL – In case of difficulty in Login using your registered email ID, please provide us with an alternative gmail/yahoo/hotmail ID by replying to the same Email ID. Firewalls of some official/institutional IDs may block mails from the Event Platform with critical information. Please ensure there are no blockers for Ads or otherwise, for the weblink on your browser.
Once you LOGIN, click: PROGRAM -> DATE (or LIVE Session) -> WATCH SESSION -> CLICK Play
Dear Delegate, to ensure smooth proceedings for the online event and the tight schedule with deadlines, please LOGIN rightaway once you receive this mail.
FOR Platform features/Access (Vidocto): or Whatsapp 9789067955
We look forward to hosting you in this event.
With warm regards,
Organising Team

Instruction Manual


Recordings will be available from THURSDAY 9 am after the session was over, to next WEDNESDAY 9 am. After recording of the latest Live webinar is available, the previous webinar recording will not be accessible. This will be repeated for each successive LIVE session.
Each recording will be available for single viewing (you may watch it in single sitting or multiple sittings as per your convenience), on the same link as the LIVE Webinar:
FOR Platform features/Access (Vidocto): or Whatsapp 9789067955
Click the session as per the date, and view the recording.

Videos of all the webinars held so far are available in The Medi Tube

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