Samrakshan Fetal Radiology & Fetal Medicine Training Program – Module 1 by KREST Kochi at Insta Hospital, Edapally, Kochi on 23rd July 8.30 am to 6 pm.

Dating of Pregnancy
11 – 14 weeks scan / First trimester screening.
Screening for preeclampsia & FGR in 1st trimester.
Screening for aneuplodies.
Basics of Fetal Genetics: how to integrate in your practice.
Demonstration & step by step guided do it yourself protocols.
First trimester Anomaly scan.
Insta Hospital location

Our Academic Partner

Dr. R. Bavaharan, Tiruchirapalli
Dr. Rijo Mathew, Kochi
Dr. Praveen Nirmalan, Kochi

Regn fee as mentioned above
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