Radiology Jobs


1. Formed in association with IRIA Kochi for Radiologists
2. Available jobs / vacancy can be intimated us thru our web site
3. Hospitals / Scan centres / Labs / Recruiting agencies can send their details through prescribed form.
4. They should add their Name, Address, Email id and Phone number, so that the Radiologist seeking a placement can contact them directly.
5. KREST Kochi is just facilitating the oppurtunity to Radiologists & do not interfere in the recruitment or take any responsibility on the job details or remuneration or any guarantee for the employee or employer.
6. The post regarding the vacancy will remain in the web for a maximum period of 3 months from the date of posting or till the employer informs about filling the post.
7. This is a free service. There is no fee charged from the employer or from the employee.
8. The request sent by the employer will be added to the website within 2 days of posting.
9. The employment terms and conditions should be discussed between empoyer and employee.
10. The vacancies are only for Radiologists.